Friday Finds, sniff, sniff…

Well, it was our first official Friday without our favorite thrift store.  We could have gone last week, but (a) there wasn’t much left to look at and (b) it felt kind of morbid.

We went to a number of garage sales first, and they were a big, fat yawn.  They didn’t even have the courtesy to have awful items so we could covertly take pictures.  Instead it was boring, boring, boring–until one of the last garage sales on our list.  Finally, pay dirt, in a good way!  We are so easily amused that even finding one useful thing will make our day.  We found a box of scrapbook, card making, etc… paper for $5.00–sweet!  You see how easy we are.

Then we went to our local Goodwill; it’s amazing how disorganized they are in their brand new building.  Usually it takes a while and some real effort to achieve a mess like this.  I was afraid to move things on the shelves because of how precariously they were stacked–in the craft aisle especially.  One false move could cause an avalanche of used craft items, a veritable waterfall of pre-owned treasures.

But, as luck would have it, we ran into this lovely piece of the decorative arts on the end cap of the craft aisle.

I like to call him Exorcist Kitty.  I bet his head would spin completely around if he wasn’t pottery.  I got the willies just looking at him.

Then we saw this set of items-and they are a set, believe you me.

I think whoever designed this set of soup bowls–AND named them “The Soupers” had to be on LSD.  Good Lord, you have to pick them up by their ears to carry them–ick!  This was a serious what-were-they-thinking moment.  Brain soup anyone?

On Saturday, my Beloved Husband and I went to a play in a city about an hour away.  Coincidentally, there is a Savers Thrift Store in that city, so of course we shopped prior to being entertained.  B.H. said that it felt like dating your deceased wife’s sister; I felt like I was slipping on an old, comfortable pair of shoes.   Ahhhh….

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