Back in the swing of things (sort of)

Ok, I admit to a little malaise due to Savers closing and returning from a two week vacation.  Well, really it might actually be down right laziness, but I am going to try and dress it up with fancy words.

So because of our mourning period, we are a little slow on the blog posts, and we had some concerns about a steady supply of awfulness, but low and behold garage sales and Goodwill came through.

So first up is a garage sale find.  Now, I always feel it is a bit hard to snap a pic at a garage sale, because after all, these people purchased or were given the item in the first place, but at least they seem to be getting rid of it, so something must have changed.  Probably read our blog and developed taste?  OK, maybe not.  Now I have actually always been a fan of items from the Loveland  pottery factory, but really a Madonna of the pine cones?  Just don’t get the connection.

Our final foray into Savers, just before they closed, yielded these next few items.  First off this welcome plaque.  What is this supposed to say?  Come on in, and we’ll have you for dinner?  Literally?

Oh well, if that is not what you want on your wall try this:

I know these were popular, but why is this one still hanging around, and please let us hope it didn’t make it back into someones bathroom.  What goes with naked dirty little boys?      (Now that just sounded bad!)

Last find at Savers for the day was this cart.  Just the combination of things they were dragging home caught our eye.  Oh well, at least they were half price.  “Honey, look what I found.  It was half off. ” “Yes, dear.”

Last up is this fun find from Goodwill.  We were amazed at the amount of work that went into this.  They worked so hard, and still it was ugly.  The dress is made of taffeta if you can believe it.

Because everyone needs something like this to cover a soap bottle.  At least she has a sweet petticoat.
Well, that’s it for today.  We will see what the coming days bring, and we will try and get back on track.

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