Oh Savers! My Savers!

Savers was born in our town on a happy day in 1994.  At first she was a quiet little thrift store, competing with her sister stores–Goodwill, Salvation Army, and St. Lukes, but not really getting much attention from shoppers.  Gradually, as she got bigger and bigger, with better and better donations, Savers starting competing with her sibling stores.  Finally, she became the honor student of the thrift community, getting mostly A’s from her shoppers.

Of course she got in trouble from time to time with high prices, cheesy coupons, her goods dirty or poorly displayed–no store is perfect.  But with a little firm guidance from concerned friends, Savers would straighten herself out, just like we always knew she would.

Savers’ closing on July 3, 2010 was sudden.  She will be missed keenly by the 30 employees who were her family.  Savers also had many dedicated friends in the community who will now have a hole in their pocketbooks, where Savers used to save them a buck or two.

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