Friday Finds

Hey everyone, I’m back so it’s time for Friday Finds.  It’s just not as fun without my cohort, but since she is still on the road, I took myself out and about.  Just take a look at what I saw today at our favorite thrift store:

I was trying to find something good to say about this candle, all that came to mind was that the wick has never been lit,  or that it would probably be useful in a power outage.  I can’t imagine how it got so melted without ever being introduced to fire, although an application of fire might actually improve its looks.  Equally puzzling is that at least two people thought this item had value–the donor and the thrift store employee who priced it.

The same could be said for the next item.  If this was hanging on a wall, that might be enough to keep me out of that room-FOREVER!  What is the message being sent by employing  a tin two-headed rattlesnake as interior design?  Don’t tread on me would only work if it was a rug.

The last thing is weird and intriguing at the same time.  I might actually have bought it (realizing that maybe only one in a million would understand why) but they wanted $5.99 for it!

My dear father has pointed out to me that men typically have the worst garage sales; they actually want a “fair” price for the junk they are selling.  I know that is a horrible generalization, but our thrift store prices have been awfully high since the new male manger took over.  There are things that don’t even sell for half price; people now just wait for the $1 tag sale.  There is very little that I wouldn’t drag home for a buck, “it’s a bargain” is all the explanation needed!  I love the Monty Python sketch where two women are talking, one says to the other “what did you buy?” and the other woman replies “a piston engine.”  The first asks “why did you buy that?” and the second answers “it was a bargain!”

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