Oh Deer!

I’m back from vacation, but this post is trip-related. I grew up in a large, loving family. There isn’t much that we wouldn’t do for each other–probably like most families, now that I think of it. However, there is conflict even in the best-regulated families.  What, you ask yourself, could be causing problems in Deb’s family? Well, it’s this lamp:

This my grandmother’s deer lamp, which two of my sisters love, well, dearly.  This affection is no new thing; I can clearly remember them petting all the flocking off the poor deer. It used to sit on top of our TV, but had to be moved because the girls would not leave it alone. Now in their 50’s, they both would love to have that deer lamp some time in the far distant future; sadly there is only one lamp, hence the conflict.

I have a hard time evaluating the quality of the lamp; it’s been part of our life for a long time.  It wouldn’t be hard to understand why some folks may wonder what all the fuss is about–it’s a flocked deer on a piece of wood, with a fiberglass cone light to one side.  I would venture that the lamp is worth far more to my sisters than ready money. In their eyes, the memories invoked by that poor bald deer are priceless. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so say the rest of the family.

I’ve been on a quest to find another lamp. Of course it wouldn’t be the same, but if you really want something badly enough, you may accept a substitute. So … if any of you own one of these lamps, and could bear to part with it,  I would be interested in buying it for the sake of peace in the family. The label underneath says “Original MAK-KRAFT Creation Makinen Tackle CO  Box 65 Kaleva Mich”.  The base is about 13 inches long by 3 inches wide; the height to the top of the fiberglass shade is about 9 inches.

This is my first foray into family peacekeeping; I hope it’s successful. Everyone should have their deer lamp needs met.

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One Response to Oh Deer!

  1. ron hewitt says:

    hello i just caught your ad from google i have the other lamp which would be the bear one. it has the fiberglass shade and the writing on the bottom. the light does work. if intrested i can send you pictures. thank you

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