Friday Finds

Hey there, time for another edition of Friday finds.  As usual, it was a mixed bag, but we did buy a couple of things that were kind of cool.  Stumbled across two vintage Barbie stands–the metal ones–for $0.99 each, which is a real deal.  We also had our summer intern helping us; he can spot bad with the best of them.  We’ll start out with a picture of him showing us a funky mask:

It’s no mystery why this mask appealed to him; it’s all about the flamingo!

Not too surprisingly, Ugly Bunny 2 was still present, and we were able to get some more definitive pictures using my brand new camera–yay!!  I still don’t think it’s going to unseat the ugliest thing ever, but is certainly a contender.  Plus it’s BIG, certainly three feet tall, as you can see in the comparison shot.

I would publicly like to thank our intern for posing in a possibly embarrassing picture in order to document the rabbit’s true size.

Near Mrs. Rabbit were two vases that were pretty startling taken one at a time, but together it was just too much.  Kind of loco Rococo as Mary Stewart put it in This Rough Magic; I always loved that phrase and it’s so appropriate here.

Also, the price seems a little excessive–$19.99 each!  If someone would just take them home, that seems punishment enough, they shouldn’t have to pay money too.  But at least they are collectible.  The sign says so!

Then we ran into this message from the gods.  I had been especially snarky today, and lo and behold, we were slapped upside the head with a warning.  Well, Kathy didn’t really need it, but she can always use it to keep me in line ;- ) Well, at least we will spend our lives laughing at ugly stuff!  Could be worse.

Almost enough to make me mend my ways, but golly, a little snark is just so much fun.

Wanted to tell you all that we are both going on vacation at the same time–I know, what are the odds?  But, there are thrift stores in other places too, and we will have our cameras with us, so don’t be surprised if there are a couple of road trip posts in the future.

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