Friday the 13th!

Well, it wasn’t really Friday the 13th, but it felt like it.  We immediately found this really bad necklace that would be a good match for some of the awful clothing we have found.  I whipped out my camera, and promptly dropped it on its lens, which coincidentally happened to be fully extended.   It became immediately obvious that my poor camera did NOT survive the five-foot drop test.  Now we were in trouble, Kathy had forgotten her camera!  Luckily, we still had my cell phone, so relax everyone, we can still have Friday finds.  The pictures sadly, are of dubious quality–exactly like all the other pictures I take.

It certainly was a fertile day for bad finds, and a day for finding old friends, if you know what I mean.  We have examples of all of these items before; I suppose we are sensitized to their existence, so they jump out at us.  Take for instance this first picture:

We have published pictures of these potholders before (March 20 & March 26, 2010).   They are just so awful; but now we have documentation of  the rare Native American version.  Doesn’t it seem that she should be dressed in doeskin for authenticity?  The doeskin would also provide superior heat protection when you used this item for its life work–holding hot pots.

We have seen another example of this next item (April 13,  2010) also.   Having gone 53 years without ever seeing one, I’m astounded that we’ve seen two of these candles in the last couple of months.

You can see in the second picture that my lovely assistant is lifting the lid to reveal the wick.  Although the whole thing is made of wax, only a  small portion of this huge candle actually burns, darn it.   The bottom of this candle has markings that indicate Germany is the country of origin;  wasn’t giving us Kissinger bad enough?

I’m sure you will recognize the next items.  We wouldn’t have taken the picture, except there were three of them all at once.  Obviously their creator was using up her neon yarn scrap collection to hideous effect.

I must point out that the yellow is nowhere as virulent in this picture as it was in person.  I really needed sunglasses to look at it.  Speaking of bad things, be sure to get a look at the prices!   Well, you can’t really see them so I’ll tell you the purple, green and blue doily was marked $2.99.  I suppose I could haul it away if the thrift was willing to pay me that much.  The other two were $1.99, which is really outside of enough!  Why would you pay that much to be surrounded by such awful colors.  Well,  at least make sure you bought all three.   Wouldn’t want to break up a set.

Anyone who has ever even passed by this blog should look twice at the next thing we found.  It’s pretty closely related to our mascot–the ugliest thing ever!  I had two pics of it, but my cell phone seems to have deleted one of the pictures–wonder why?

Here we see the bunny in its native environment, surrounded by other ugly things.  The best I can say about this bunny is that it would burn satisfactorily, having been made from raffia paper.  I suppose it was someone’s Easter decoration, but truthfully, it’s not that decorative.  My opinion is that it’s not bad enough to unseat our mascot–but I could be over-ruled by the masses, or even one of you.

Well, that’s all.  I have to start researching new cameras.  Wouldn’t want to miss the next great thing we see!

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