Friday Finds

Well, it’s happened again. We had another bumper crop of humdingers! Some days are just like that. I never can tell if it is just our mood, or if there really are awful things that come out of the woodwork just to scare us! We walked in the door of our favorite thrift to be greeted with this object:

Perhaps individually, it might not have been so bad, but the whole sequined fruit, wax apple rose thing, and stripey basket just wasn’t cutting it. Whoever decided fruit should be decked in sequins should have been shot BEFORE the idea caught on.

Next up is this:

Hubby’s reaction was: ” OMG what is it?” Well, frankly I am not sure anyone can answer that question. If you can, be sure and let us know. Really the kicker on this one was the tail, the brown tufty off the back. It sort of was the cherry on top. We laughed ourselves silly with this one. What possessed the first person that bought it? Drugs, alcohol, some sort of altered mental state, and a tropical vacation had to be involved. We KNOW why it was at the thrift store.

Next up, this lovely, plastic kitchen decor:

I shudder to think of the kitchen this graced, and must have for many years to be just showing up now. Maybe it would go with the fruit basket? I would accuse the same person, but they were at two separate thrift stores. Wouldn’t a blank wall have been better? One of those framed dish towels? Oh, wait, some of those can be pretty horrendous too.

And for our last choice item:

He was about a foot tall, and the photo pretty accurately shows the colors. No really, if this was the only place I had to save my money for a rainy day, I would rather be broke! Maybe the person saving up for a rainy day used some of their funds to buy a new bank–now that would be a good investment.

We actually had a few more, but we will save those for “a rainy day”! Bye for now.

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One Response to Friday Finds

  1. ScottWashDC says:

    Ok I admit it..I have a version of the Rainy Day Guy… mother was into a very long ceramics phase in the 70’s and she painted several of these. My sister and I each still have the ones with our names on, instead of the rainy day slogan. Although now that I think about it my sister may have “broke” hers on the last move……

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