Friday Finds…

Well, another week has come and gone. Pickings seemed a bit slim, but they made up for their scarceness by being particularly awful. One of our favorite games is trying to get inside people’s heads, either when the thing was purchased, accepted as a gift, or found that perfect spot in the decor. I know, scary thoughts aren’t they?

Take this first item:

It was well over two feet tall. Although it was missing its sword, or whatever, we still thought it worthy of a photo. Now, where do you hang it? The dungeon, the man cave?

This next item, we were hoping was a souvenir, but then again, surely there must have been something more appealing to have purchased? Pity the poor recipient that had to come up with something terrific to say about this: “Oh, you shouldn’t have, no really!” My beloved husband has a theory about exactly what caused the female figure’s surprised expression; you have to really zoom in to tell she has an expression. When looking at the figures, where is the male figure’s left hand? ‘Nuff said.

And lastly, don’t feel like we forget about the fashion faux pas. Really, we know they happen, but we don’t usually scan the racks of clothes, so unless something really awful jumps out at us, we don’t always see it, but this last item was just too large to be ignored. EVER. Imagine wearing it! It would be most appropriate for a rodeo, or maybe a WWE event.

Well, don’t forget to send in your awful finds, or feel free to post on ours!!

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