Friday or maybe Thursday

Yet another Friday has come and gone. Well, actually we went on Thursday, as we had prior commitments on Friday. Sometimes, you just have to shop when and where you can, and we always manage to do it somehow.

This week we have a few things for those couch potato football fans in your life. What man wouldn’t need this lovely football crock pot for all those cheesy dips? Now really, is there some reason the regular one won’t heat up bean dip? Oh well, I am sure it looks better in the man cave.

Now, if that doesn’t get you into the football spirit, here is the matching light. It is made of a sort of squishy plastic, so I suppose when it quits working, you can wrench it off the base and throw it. I know several woman have probably snuck these out of the house under cover of darkness hoping hubby wouldn’t notice it was gone. “Honey, have you seen the football light? No dear, maybe your buddies were playing catch with it?”

Now, just in case you think we are picking on the men this week, we have this lovely entry. Really, granny squares never looked so bad. Apart from the lovely colors, just imagine resting your head on this charming pillow cover. Sometimes yarn is not a pretty thing.

Just these three choice items this week, but I am sure there are many more treasures just waiting for us to discover.

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