There Might be Dragons!

Into every serious collection, some clunkers may fall. No really, it happens! I have been known to purchase such clunkers and bring them home. Usually under cover of darkness, so hubby can’t see! This collection began when I was about 10 years old, and my grandmother gave me two pieces. In our family we have a saying, “one of anything is the start of a collection”, so when you get two, you are practically obligated to start collecting it. Well, that, and the fact that I am fascinated with these dragons. They are all hand applied, so each has a personality. Some of the pieces are quite fine. The two large vases on the bottom shelf are marked Nippon, and are really super nice examples of the porcelain art. A couple of years ago a book came out on dragonware, and the prices shot up. Boy, was I snarky about that, but the prices have come back down, and I am still able to add a piece here and there. I have a couple of rules about this collection. Why, do my collections have rules? Haven’t a clue, but many of them do. The first is, I don’t buy multiples of the same shape and color, so I don’t end up with the same set of salt and peppers umpteen times, and the second is, no “souvenir of ” pieces. That being said, a couple of the items always struck me as a bit bizarre. Take these two pieces.

Who would think to put a dragon on a Canadian maple leaf and a Dutch shoe? I have seen dozens of both of these, so they made a lot. I think they bought blanks of every description, and grabbed whatever was handy.

Now this last piece thoroughly broke rule number two, but I couldn’t help it.

A souvenir of Tijuana? Now we all know they keep the dragons with the bulls for fighting right? I laugh every time I see this one. I can just imagine the conversation.

“Hey José, I ordered a case of souvenirs for the shop, look what they sent us!”

“Oh well, put it out, some schmuck will buy it”

And they did……. at least twice!

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