Friday Finally!

Well, another Friday has come and gone. We had a bumper crop this week. Some weeks are like that. A couple of our best finds will be saved for future posts, as they fall into a theme! Sometimes I think some things seem to follow us. We have garage sale days, where every sale we go to, we see the same things. It’s like trying to find a specific item for weeks and weeks, only to have it show up in droves as soon as the elusive thing is purchased somewhere else.

This lovely animal greeted us as soon as we walked in the door. Scared us to death. Where do you put a 2 and ½ foot long leopard sculpture? (Anywhere he wants?) I would love to see the room where the decor is all jungle-themed!

Next up we have the ever popular fiber optic plastic bonsai tree with butterflies. Really, why the fiber optics? I know there were really cool when invented, but some things would be better off without them. Well, maybe not this.

This next item is really sad, and just goes to prove that every company makes mistakes. This almost 20″ tall vase is marked Royal Dux Bavaria. Most things from this company  sell in the hundreds of dollars, and this poor item can’t be sold for $19.99. Can’t imagine why-could be the bilious shade of green perhaps?

Now in the world of textiles, we have the following two entries. I think this one is supposed to be a garden, but really if you must bring back a souvenir, this is probably not the best choice. At least it was not a pillow cover, but a wall hanging, otherwise, you would wake from a nap looking mighty odd. I usually love these things, but, honest to God, sometimes less is more!

Our last entry for today is this oh-so-lovely polyester rug. Notice the foot for scale (thanks to my partner in crime for the use of her foot). This charming piece was made from scraps of 60s polyester sewn to a pieced denim backing. Really, I would be terrified to set foot on it. I swear some 60s fabrics have a life of their own. I know they just won’t die, as we keep seeing them in the fabric section of the thrift store. Honestly, I think they can be thrown out now, of course they would probably last hundreds of years in the landfill too! If there was a nuclear war, only polyester and cockroaches would remain. 😉

Here is a close up for those of you that are gluttons for punishment!

Well, there are our Friday frights. Feel free at any time to let us know if we have surpassed our super ugly bunny on the right. Somehow, I think it will take a while.

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